Bombardier in long cycle soft wheat variety Illico

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Long cycle soft wheat of variety Illico

Pivola, Slovenia

The application on BOMBARDIER in soft wheat variety Illico has caused a positive physiological response – greener leaves in the lower part of the plants during drought periods. There was also a better vegetative growth of secondary stems, which also produced grains (580 spikes/m2 in the part treated with BOMBARDIER, 510 spikes/m2 in CONTROL, 13.7 % more). The wheat roots treated with BOMBARDIER are stronger and in greater quantity.


More crop vigor

Increased yield and higher protein content

Crop more sustainable and with more benefits


Crop: Long cycle soft wheat variety Illico

Location: Location: trial field of the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences of the University of Maribor, Pivola, Slovenia.

Sowing Date: October 28th, 2016.

Sowing dose: 260 kg/ha

Fertilization: 10/28/2016 – NPK 6:12:24 – 500 kg/ha; 02/28/2017 – KAN* – 175 kg/ha; 04/08/2017 – Latest N-foliar fertilizer (25% N) – 4 L/ha; 04/25/2017 – Ammonium sulphate (20% N, 24% S) – 200 kg/ha; 05/19/2017 – KAN* – 150 kg/ha. *KAN – calcium ammonium nitrate, contains 27% nitrogen, (13.5% in nitrate and 13.5% in ammonium)

Meteorological conditions: Conditions in autumn and winter were ideal. In March 2017 there was a slow heating of the very cold soil. In March and April there was a significant water deficit (without rain for almost 2 months). In May 2017, there was an average water provision. In June and July there was also a drougth.
Harvest date: July 2017

Trial Design:

  • CONTROL: Standard crop management.
  • BOMBARDIER, usual crop management + 2 applications with 2 L/ha, taking advantage of foliar treatments with pesticides. Dates of BOMBARDIER applications: 1st – 03/17/2017 (BBCH 23 – 3 detectable wheat tillers); 2nd – 4/5/2016 (BBCH 37-38 – visible flag leaf, still curled).


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Density of productive stems, spikes/m2
  • Average grain weight in a productive spike, g
  • Yield, kg/ha
  • Content of protein in grain, % w/w
  • Visual appearance of vigor: leaves color, root size and quantity, plant’s general appearance

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