Polymaleic Acid

Polymaleic Acid has a high chemical and thermal stability; it is not toxic, is soluble in water and acts as a complexing agent for some cations.

Regarding its functionality in the soil, it displaces the Na+ cations allowing it to seep through the soil’s profile, replacing it with Mg+2 and Ca+2. It unblocks sodium and prevents the counterproductive effect that it produces on the soil’s structure and aggregates.

This property has clear effects on agriculture; the Na+ cation is by far the least desirable due to the de-structuring and disaggregation effect it has on the soil. In addition, polymaleic acid itself acts as a complexing/ aggregating agent, contributing to its physical and chemical formation.

This reduces the harmful effects that the possible accumulation of salt has on the soil profile, in addition to improving structural properties, formation of aggregates, improvement in the CEC (cationic exchange capacity) as well as the soil’s texture and composition (through simple salt elimination).