Phosbac PS

Soil Probiotics


Liquid microbiological inoculant based on two strains of the Pseudomonas fluorescens complex, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.


Available packaging

100 ml, 500 ml and 1 L

  • Solubilization of phosphorus.

  • Production of trace element chelates.

  • Blocking of stress related ethylene synthesis.

  • Improves nutrient absorption.

PHOSBAC PS is a liquid microbiological inoculant based on two strains of the Pseudomonas fluorescens complex, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. These act on the rhizosphere and roots, producing metabolites capable of modifying the physiology of the plant, since they improve the absorption of nutrients by solubilizing macro elements and trace elements, such as phosphorus, iron and zinc. Additionally, they are producers of natural phytohormones (auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins) achieving the biostimulation of crops. And, as one of its main functions, it produces the enzyme ACC deaminase, which inhibits the synthesis of stress related ethylene.

The production of PHOSBAC PS is carried out under sterile conditions, guaranteeing the absence of other microorganisms. It is a liquid and stabilized formula, highly concentrated and active, not needing an activation process, allowing it to maintain its properties for a prolonged period.

With the application of PHOSBAC PS, a greater uptake and assimilation of nutrients is achieved, improving the growth and development of crops.

Microbiological production of the PGPB bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens:

  1. Produced in sterile conditions: Guarantees the absence of other microorganisms.
  2. Highly Concentrated: More than 109 CFU/ml.
  3. Active: NO need for extra steps activate product.
  4. Liquid: Ease of application and maintenance.
  5. Stabilized: Maintains its properties once packaged.
  • Vegetables

    1 L/ha

  • Fruit Trees

    1 L/ha


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Phenological phase

    • Sowing
    • Planting
    • Rooting
    • Emergence

    • Vegetative development
    • Sprouting
    • Tillering
    • Stem elongation

    • Vegetative development
    • Blooming
    • Vegetative development
    • Fruit setting
    • Vegetative development
    • Emergence of the inflorescence

    • Fruit Growth
    • Ripening
    • Grain Filling
    • Ripening

    • Harvest
    • Post-harvest life

  • All kinds of crops
  • Row crops


+ Technology
Specific fermentation process to obtain bioactive natural molecules that favor the colonization of the rhizosphere by probiotics, increasing their effectiveness and favoring the soil microbiota.

+ Technology:

  1. Increases the microorganism-plant interaction.
  2. Direct and immediate action.
  3. Has biostimulant effect.

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