Xtender Olive

Soil prebiotics

Think Green

Regenerator of the soil microbiota specific for Olive.


Available packaging

25, 220 and 1.000 L

  • Promotes the development of positive soil microorganisms.

  • It prepares the crop for winter dormancy, high temperature related stress, frost and drought.

  • Increases production and yield.

XTENDER OLIVE is a regenerator of the soil´s Microbiota formulated with prebiotic molecules that act as a substrate that promote the development of beneficial microorganisms. When applied to the soil, the organic molecules, similar in nature to the crop’s root exudates, potentiate the positive microorganisms that constitute the Core Microbiome of the soil, which are already are adapted to the crop.

Additionally, XTENDER OLIVE has secondary metabolites obtained from bacterial fermentation with a direct and immediate action over the soil and the crop biostimulation.

Besides boosting the soil´s microorganisms, XTENDER OLIVE helps with the transformation of the soil´s organic matter, improving aeration and fertility as well as complexing the nutrients found in the soil, so that the roots develop in a better medium, increasing the nutrients uptake.

XTENDER OLIVE is more than a soil regenerator. It also has a powerful biostimulant action when applied to the crop via foliar, thus, both irrigation and foliar applications are recommended.

  • Others

    Olivar: 12,5 L/ha


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Phenological phase

    • Sowing
    • Planting
    • Rooting
    • Emergence

    • Vegetative development
    • Sprouting
    • Tillering
    • Stem elongation

    • Vegetative development
    • Blooming
    • Vegetative development
    • Fruit setting
    • Vegetative development
    • Emergence of the inflorescence

    • Fruit Growth
    • Ripening
    • Grain Filling
    • Ripening

    • Harvest
    • Post-harvest life

  • All kinds of crops
  • Row crops

Conductive Soil vs. Suppressive soil

Dysbiosis: imbalance: microorganisms, metabolic activity, distribution.

Eubiosis: correct activity of microorganisms.


The microbiota of the soil

Beneficial microorganisms:

  1. Fix nitrogen and solubilize the phosphorus.
  2. Promote root development.
  3. Improve soil structure.
  4. Increase resistance to stress.
  5. Protect against pathogens and diseases.


  1. Cause diseases and create a negative environment for the crop.

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