Priming technology, helping your plants increase their ability to overcome stress

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At Agrocode we are aware of the different agronomic issues that may arise throughout the cultivation cycle, such as the pressure on behalf of the distribution channel for the reduction of active materials and residues in food, the lack of solutions capable of controlling pests and diseases, the emergence of resistance, maintenance of production and safety regulations for the user and for the environment. 

Our R&D team, constituted by more than 40 scientists, in collaboration with the Spanish Scientific Research Council of Spain CSIC, has developed a new technology to solve the agronomic difficulties mentioned above. We are talking about our Priming Technology, through which we offer different solutions to increase the plant’s ability to overcome conditions in which stressors can undermine its normal activity. 

But how exactly does this technology work?  PRIMING boosts the plant without the need to spend energy, so different metabolic pathways are activated only when  required. 

We offer various Priming inductor solutions which provide the plant with trace elements, macronutrients, and other molecules of biological interest, that diminish nutritional deficiencies, improving the plant’s appearance and increasing its ability to overcome intensive tillage, high stress and other factors that impair its natural development. 

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