Our Commitment To Privacy

AGROCODE is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data.

We will be completely transparent about the data we collect and the use we make of them.

We will use the data you provide for the purposes described in our Privacy Policy, among which is to provide the services you have requested and improve your experience with AGROCODE.

Likewise, we will use the data to try to get to know you better and thus be able to send you relevant communications.

If you tell us that you do not want to receive commercial communications, we will stop sending them to you. Of course, we will continue to send you important information related to a product or service that you have purchased to keep you informed.

We will adopt the necessary measures to protect and keep your information safe.

We will respect the data protection rights and try to give you control over your own information.

The Privacy Policy that we detail below can help you better understand how we use your personal data. In it, we explain in more detail the types of personal data we collect, how we collect them, for what purposes we can use them and with whom we can share them.

Throughout the Privacy Policy, you will find a series of specific examples of why and how we use your personal data. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by emailing info@agrocode.com

Without prejudice to the rights that correspond to you under the laws that result from application, the Privacy Policy and the above information are not contractual or part of your contract with us.

  • Party responsible for the processing of your personal data

    All personal data processed by AGROCODE in relation to this Privacy Policy are the responsibility of Agroindustrial Kimitec, S.L., CIF B04612909 (hereinafter, “AGROCODE”), which is considered “responsible for the treatment” under the applicable regulations. matter of data protection. Our contact address is Calle Santa Marta 13, 04740, Roquetas de Mar – Almería, Spain or through the aforementioned email address.
    AGROCODE is a Kimitec Group owned company whose head company is the Spanish company Agroindustrial Kimitec, SL Below you will find additional information about the companies that make up Kimitec Group.

  • What do we understand by personal data?

    Personal data is understood as data that identifies you or could be used for it, such as your name and contact information. They can also include information about how you use our website.

  • When is this policy applicable?

    This Policy is applicable to the personal data that we collect, use and treat within the framework of your relationship with us as a client or potential client when you browse our website, when you contact via telephone, among others.

    When we make reference to which others are responsible for the treatment in the section Responsible for the Treatment of Personal Data, you should consult their privacy policies to obtain more information.

  • How can you protect your personal data?

    We take great pains to protect the personal data you provide us. Here are some of the steps you can take to keep your data safe.

    Take appropriate precaution and protect yourself against internet fraud and “Phishing”

    There is a fraudulent practice known as “Phishing”, which consists on illegally obtaining personal data by deception. Unsolicited emails are sent to people included in illegally obtained lists by third parties, and their recipients are asked to enter or confirm banking information or passwords on a cloned or fake website.

  • When do we collect your personal information?

    We collect personal information about you each time you use our services, when you use our website or when you interact with us electronically.

    Some examples of when and how we collect the information are:
    When you complete a satisfaction survey and you provide us with your complaints, compliments, recommendations and suggestions.

    When you participate in our contests or you register in any of our promotions, as well as when you decide to relate with us through your profile in social networks such as, for example, Facebook or Twitter.

    When you click on one of our emails or browse through our website. We may also receive information about how you have found us on the Internet or about the sites you have previously visited.

  • What types of personal data do we collect and keep?

    When you use our services, you will have to provide us with your personal information.

    We collect the following categories of personal data:
    Data that you provide to AGROCODE to complete and manage information that you have requested.

    For example, name and surname, address, email, location.

    Information about your use of our website:
    For example: To help us personalize your data and improve our website, we use cookies and similar technologies to gather information about your searches and the contents that you have visited on our website, such as the website from which you come, or banners and links that appear in the websites of our business partners.

    We will use the data on the use of the web stored in the cookie to understand you as a customer.

    From your usage data, we can know that you have visited agrocode.com and searched and/or requested information. We may use this information to contact you and offer you more information about the product or service that you have been interested in.

  • Why do we use your personal information and under what grounds?

    The main purposes for which we treat your personal data are the following:
    Based on our legitimate business and business interests, to conduct direct marketing activities and keep you informed about AGROCODE products and services that in our opinion best suit your needs or preferences.

    Based on our legitimate business and business interest, to perform analytical work and market studies.
    Based on our legitimate business and business interests, to conduct direct marketing activities and keep you informed about AGROCODE products and services that in our opinion best suit your needs or preferences.
    We can adapt the content of our website, emails and other communications, to ensure that they are of the greatest possible interest to you.

    Based on the consent you previously gave us through your expressed intention to hire them, to communicate your information to other companies of Kimitec Group to which AGROCODE belongs or to third companies that collaborate with the Group.
    Based on our legitimate business and business interest, to improve our website, products and services.

    We can also invite you to participate in surveys to know your degree of satisfaction with our products and services.

    Based on the exercise of a legal obligation to properly manage emergencies, catastrophes or in general force majeure, we may need to communicate your data to different types of people, companies or organizations whose collaboration is essential for AGROCODE in these cases.

  • When will we send you commercial communications?

    When our intention in this sense has no basis in the consent that you have previously granted, but in our legitimate business and business interest, we will inform you in advance and we will give you the option to oppose the reception of this type of communication.

  • How can you change the type of commercial communications to receive and how to receive them?

    If you decide that you no longer want to continue receiving commercial communications, you can change your mind at any time. To stop receiving commercial communications:
    All commercial communications that we send you by email will have an option to “unsubscribe” that will allow you to modulate the commercial electronic communications that you receive from AGROCODE or stop receiving them completely.

    We will respect your decision as to what communications you wish to receive and the means through which you will receive them to the extent that we can provide you the option to customize your shipping preferences.

    In addition, you must bear in mind that, if you tell us that you no longer wish to receive commercial communications, you will continue to receive operational communications related to the products and services that you have already purchased.

  • For how long do we retain your personal data?

    We will keep your personal data for as long as necessary for processing purposes, do not request that we delete them and they should not be deleted because they are still necessary for AGROCODE.

    We will actively and periodically review the data that is in our possession and we will eliminate it safely, when there is no legal, commercial or customer-related need to conserve it, or we will anonymize it to continue treating it for administrative, statistical or preparation purposes. Segmentations and generic profiles that help us to better understand our typology of clients and their preferences or needs in general.

    In cases where you revoke your consent previously granted for some type of treatment or exercise your right to delete your personal data, we ask you to bear in mind that we are obliged to keep this information blocked, available to the Courts, Courts and Competent authorities, during the statutorily established limitation periods to attend to possible AGROCODE responsibilities arising from the processing of your data.

  • With whom do we share your personal information?

    We may share your personal information with Kimitec Group companies. For more information about our group, visit the Kimitec Group website at www. kimitecgroup.com

    We can share information with these companies so they can help us when it comes to providing services, products and getting to know you better

    You will only receive commercial emails from other companies in our group when you have given your consent to these companies.

    AGROCODE follows strict criteria of selection of service providers in order to comply with your data protection obligations and undertakes to sign with them the corresponding data processing contract through which it will impose, among others, the following obligations: apply appropriate technical and organizational measures; treat the personal data for the agreed purposes and taking only the documented instructions of AGROCODE; and delete or return the data to AGROCODE once the provision of services ends.

    External service providers that we hire to provide services, such as to carry out marketing initiatives or conduct customer surveys on our behalf.
    Third parties, such as law firms and courts, to demand compliance or the application of a contract with you.
    Third parties, such as the police and regulatory authorities, to protect our rights, property, or the safety of our customers, employees and assets.

    When necessary to fulfill a legal obligation in any jurisdiction, including when said obligation is caused by an action or omission of AGROCODE (for example, our decision to be present in a certain country or a decision related to it)

    We do not market your personal data to third parties and we only allow third parties to send you commercial communications if you have given your consent to do so.

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