We believe in a different way of producing foods

Not everything goes

We support the idea of producing more, but we also support the idea of having high quality and responsible production. We came forth with the disruptive model of creating natural alternatives for agriculture, without the negative consequences, as in traditional agriculture. However, since we understand that crops have to remain productive and profitable because the world population requires it, these alternatives must be effective and in line with modern demand.

The complexity of our model (which is also unique), lies in the self-imposed conditions to seek efficacy while working with natural sources.

Not everything goes

What can be done?

Use pesticides and save the crop and risk losing sales? But, not using the pesticides will affect the yield, leaving the farmer without many choices. This is when our natural and effective solutions come into play.

Thanks to our solutions’ efficacy, even though we are natural, we have become the perfect tool for conventional agriculture.

What can be done?

Recovering the life in the soil

Out of all the microorganisms that we destroy with chemical disinfection, on average only 5% are pathogens and the remaining 95% are beneficial microorganisms. Beneficial microorganisms that have been part of the system, and that have interacted with plants since the beginning of time yet, we have abruptly removed them from the system, taking the soil out of the game, a living and interactive substrate.

We do not oppose disinfections, we understand that today they are necessary to maintain productivity, but we propose a subsequent microbiological repopulation of the soil, so that the soil may reenter the game and become more than just inert support for the plants.

We are part of Kimitec Group

Our group of companies works to offer natural and innovative solutions in agriculture, livestock and human consumption, reformulating the present and establishing for the future a healthier and better food.



We are part of Kimitec Group

We do productive biotechnology

Our innovation is linked to the productivity that our products bring to farmers, but it is also linked to our own productivity.

One of the reasons for being so competitive is that many of our raw materials come from one of our research areas, the revaluation of co-products; With this strategy we achieve, after a research project, to incorporate agro-industry co-products in our production process, achieving a real and technological circular economy.