Advantages of AZ+ technology for your crops

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AGROCODE offers biotechnology solutions for microbiological soil nutrition through the use of probiotics (fungi and bacteria) and prebiotics.   

One of our star products is a bacterial liquid inoculant based on Azospirilum spp. developed through AZ+ Technology. We are talking about Nitrocode AZ+, with growth-promoting action (PGPR) and producer of natural phytohormones that stimulate plant growth. It also biologically fixes nitrogen in the rhizosphere, helping to reduce the use of nitrogenous chemical fertilizers, and promotes root growth, improving water and nutrient absorption.  

But how does AZ+ technology benefit your crops?  

AZ+ Technology has a biostimulant effect and acts as a metabolic enhancer due to the active and concentrated biomolecules it contains.  These biomolecules, which are obtained from the fermentation of microorganisms specialized in their production, have a direct and immediate action on the plant. Therefore, increasing the microorganism-plant interaction and inducing the activation of ISR in the plant.  

Therefore, the combination of Nitrocode with AZ+ Technology delivers natural phytohormones, biologically fixed nitrogen to the soil, activates the RSI of the plants, increases the production and quality of your crops, and accelerates and increases the germination rate.