Benefits of Mycogel in cherry cultivation

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Did you know that the average lifespan of a cherry tree is 100 years?  

Most Cherry (Prunus cerasus) cultivars are very resistant to harsh winters; however, they thrive in areas protected from an extreme cold climate. 

There are many good reasons to consume cherries, do you know all its benefits?  

The cherry’s sweetness can wrongfully be associated with high sugar content, not at all the case since it is a fruit with low caloric content. It is loaded with antioxidants, helping to prevent certain types of cancer, rich in vitamins C and E, and, nutrients such as iron, potassium, magnesium or folic acid. Cherries can prevent memory loss, as well as help control and prevent the increase of cholesterol levels.  

At Agrocode we have numerous experiences in this type of crop, in the US, LATAM, and Murcia, Spain, wherefrom we want to show you very positive results obtained with Mycogel.  

Mycogel is a pure and ultra-concentrated mycorrhizal gel inoculant; a unique product in the market and formulated in sterile conditions.  This product has caused several positive outcomes at a Jumilla estate in Murcia, Spain.  

The farmer highlights the increase in the proportion of larger sizes, having increased the average caliber by 6.1% and the average price of berries grew by 5.7%. 

Additionally, Mycogel improved the cherries’ quality in terms of firmness and sugar content. The higher content of sugars and increases coloration contributed to an earlier harvest of the cherries.  

Furthermore, the degree of mycorrhization of the roots of the crop also rose, from 52% in the control plants to 81.5% in the plants treated with our mycorrhizal inoculant, which caused an increase in the vigor of the cherry trees.  

All of this resulted in a 10.3% increase in fruits, allowing the cherry grower to get higher sales. Therefore, with MYCOGEL we obtain cherries with greater quality, a cultivar with greater vigor, an improvement in productivity, and higher benefits for the farmer.