Batallón in apricot variety Alba

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Apricot variety Alba

Mula, Spain

All four BATALLÓN applications resulted in bigger fruits ( more weight and fruit size). Also, the weight of the harvested fruit from one tree increased, enabling the total yield to increase in over 2,700 kg/ha (26% more).

The sales of the apricot treated with BATALLÓN have also increased in 2,488 €/ha.

Therefore, BATALLÓN is an efficient product to increase the quality and productivity of the apricot variety Alba and to improve its profitability and sustainability.


Higher fruit size

+7,5% (54,3 mm)

Higher productivity

+26% (13.387 kg/ha)

Greater benefits

+26% (2.488€/ha)


Cultivation: apricot, variety Alba (free standing).

Planting density: 6×5 m (333 trees/ha).

Location: Mula, Murcia, Spain.

Trial surface area: 2,430 X 2.430 m2 (81+81 trees).

Sowing date: 2010

Blooming: March.

Soil type: Sandy, poor in organic matter and nutrients.

Irrigation: drip, 3 times/week for 3 hours.

BATALLÓN application dates: 02/26/2016, 03/11/2016, 03/28/2016, 05/02/2016

First harvest date: May 25, 2017

Trial Design:

  • Control
  • BATALLÓN, 10 L/ha, 4 applications

Analyzed Parameters:

  • Average fruit weight, (g)
  • Average fruit size, (mm)
  • Tree yield, (kg/tree)
  • Total yield, (kg/ha)
  • Product value (price 0.90 €/kg), (€/ha)

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