Batallón in Blueberry variety Legacy

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Blueberry variety Legacy

Mangualde, Portugal

In general, the plants treated with BATALLÓN show a tendency to increase production especially in the first and second harvest, in addition a more balanced growth has been verified which culminated with an increase in the precocity of the production.

Another observation is that the plants treated with BATALLÓN showed concentrated and homogenized maturation, this implies a reduction in harvest costs since it is not necessary to pick ripe fruits within the plant, this reduces harvest times and results in higher economic performance.


Higher production and precocity

+6,1% (772 kg/ha)

Higher quality and more degrees brix

+4% (0,5 ºBrix)

Higher gross profits of the crop

+5,8% (3.162€/ha)


Crop: Blueberry variety Legacy.

Location: Integrated farm in COPAE (Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Agricultores de Mangualde CRL), Mangualde, District of Viseu (Portugal).

Sowing Date: May 2013.

Planting density: 4,000 plants/ha (Roads and edges considered).

Planting distance: 3.0 m x 0.75 m

Irrigation: Drip. Self-compensating drippers of 1.6 L/ha per 40 cm and two dripper lines per line.

Trial Design:

  • Three variants were made, each variant has three replicas composed of 6 plants.
  • Application: applications were made by drenching the neck of the plant simulating a 5-minute irrigation episode with a volume of 500 ml per plant.
  • Collection dates: 1st: 07/13/2018, 2nd: 07/18/2018, 3rd: 07/29/2018 and 4th: 08/08/2018.

Analyzed Parameters:

  • Production per harvest, (Kg/ha)
  • Total production, kg/ha
  • Soluble solid content (ºBrix)
  • Average fruit diameter (mm)

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