Batallón in French lettuce variety Trocadero

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French lettuce variety Trocadero

Zafarraya, Spain

The french lettuce of variety Trocadero treated with BATALLÓN increased its average weight (27% more than the control), size (5.2% more in diameter and 16.2% more in volume), density (9.9% more than the CONTROL), This helped the quantity of the commercial lettuce (4.4% more, and also in the yield – more than 8,900 kg/ha or 33% more in the BATALLÓN variant.


Higher productivity

+32,6% (8.919kg/ha)

Higher precocity

-14,3% (6 días menos)

Higher gross profits of the crop



Crop: French lettuce variety Trocadero

Planting density: 60,000 plants/ha

Location: Zafarraya, GRANADA, Spain

Surface: 2,800 m2

Transplant date: 08/21/2015

Harvesting date: 10/02/2015

Trial Design:

  • Control
  • BATALLÓN, 2 applications with the dose of 10 L/ha per application.
  • Date of application: September 3 and 12, 2015 (13 and 22 days after transplant).
  • Surface variants: 2 sectors of 1,400 m2 each.

Analyzed Parameters:

  • Yield, kg/ha
  • Average lettuce weight, g
  • Amount of defective lettuces, % (in 5 random measurements with 200 plants each)
  • Amount of tradable lettuce, units/ha
  • The dates in which the weight reaches 450 gr/piece are identified.
  • Diameter (from circumference) of the heads, cm
  • Head volume, cm 3
  • Head density, g/cm 3 (weight divided by volume)

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