Batallón in Industrial Onion variety “Grano de Oro”

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Industrial Onion variety "Grano de Oro"

Daimiel, Spain

Grano de Oro onions, grown in Daimiel, Ciudad Real, Spain, showed a higher productivity through the application of BATALLÓN 40.6% more or over 34 tons. During the crop cycle, there were difficult weather conditions such as high temperatures and dry air. We had to water the soil more often, resulting in an emergence of root rot fungi. Thanks to the application of BATALLÓN, the onion plants grew stronger. Therefore, they could resist better these adverse conditions and decrease the rots, increasing the amount of tradable onions to 9.3%.


Better Yield and Bulb Quality

+40,6% (34.377kg/ha)

Higher resistance to root and bulb in field

+10,3% (+8%)

Higher gross profits of the crop

+40,6% (3.0949€/ha)


Crop: Onion industry, variety Grano de Oro (traditional variety on Ciudad Real, Spain).

Planting Density: 285,700 plants/ha (5 rows in a sand crop bed, with a distance inside it of 20cm x 12.5cm and 140cm in the center of it).

Location: Daimiel, CIUDAD REAL, Spain

Surface: 2 ha

Plot’s fertilization: manure 25,000 kg/ha + 300kg/ha of N 33. 5%.

Sowing date: April 10th, 2016

Date of BATALLÓN application: 08/10/2016

Trial Design:

  • Control
  • BATALLÓN, 20 L/ha, Surface variants: 2 sectors of 1 ha each.

Analyzed Parameters:

  • Onion productivity, kg/ha
  • Amount of tradable onion, units/ha
  • Amount of rotten onions by root and stem fungus, units/ha
  • Proportion of marketable and rotten onions, %
  • Marketable onions average weight, g
  • Onion’s distribution by weight, kg/ha
  • Onion’s distribution by size, units/ha
  • Relative distribution of size by amount, %
  • Pulp strength (measured with a penetrometer with a tip of 8 mm), kg
  • Soluble solids (sugars) in the pulp, (ºBrix)
  • Visual appearance of the bulbs

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