Batallón in red California pepper variety Melchor

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California Pepper variety Melchor

Almería, Spain

The BATALLÓN applications have increased the yield of the California peppers variety Melchor, especially in 1st category peppers by 10417 kg/ha or 16.5% . The number of fruits on a plant increased by about 5%. The average weight of the pepper fruits also grew slightly with the applications of BATALLÓN.


Higher production

+6,6% (4.958 kg/ha)

Greater amount of peppers in one plant

+5% (0,8 frutos/planta)

Higher gross profits of the crop

+6,3% (5.743€/ha)


Crop: California Red Pepper variety Melchor.

Location: Paraje Loma del Viento, El Ejido, Almeria, Spain.

Surface of the farm: 14,000 m2.

Surface area of the treated plot: 7,000 m2

Planting density: 20,000 plants/ha

Date of transplant: August 8th, 2016.

Harvesting dates (10 in total): 1/19/17, 2/2/17; 2/13/17; 3/8/17; 3/18/17; 3/23/17; 3/30/17; 4/7/17; 4/21/17; 4/27/17.

Irrigation: Drip, with standard fertigation of the crop and zone.

Fertilizer: typical for greenhouse almond tree irrigation.

Soil: typical of the area with traditional sanding on top.

Crop management and pesticide treatments are typical for integrated production.

Trial Design:

  • The trial has 2 variants grouped into 4 blocks or repetitions. The experimental unit within each block had two lines with 62-72 plants. To do this, in the treated plots, 8 lines of drippers were chosen in 2 sectors that could be shut off at the time of applying BATALLÓN in order to have the CONTROL units.

Variant descriptions:

  • CONTROL (C) : standard crop management by the farmer.
  • BATALLÓN (B) , 3 applications at 7.5L/ha, 20L/ha, and 20 L/ha by irrigation.
  • Dates of application of BATALLÓN: 1st – 10 days after transplant (8/18/16); 2nd – 3 months after transplant (11/15/16); 3rd – 5.5 months after transplant (1/30/17).


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Fruit average weight, g
  • Total yield, kg/ha
  • Amount of peppers in one plant, fruits/plant
  • 1st category fruit yield, kg/ha
  • 2nd category fruit yield, kg/ha
  • Weight proportion of 2nd category fruits, %
  • 1st category fruit value, €/ha
  • 2nd category fruit value, €/ha
  • Total harvest value, €/ha
  • Production expenses (with RRP of Batallón at 6.52€/L), €/ha
  • Net profits, €/ha;
  • Crop profitability, %
  • Cumulative harvest vale, €/ha
  • Fruit yields per harvests, kg/ha

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