Batallón in Santa Claus Melon variety SV6203MP

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Santa Claus Melon variety SV6203MP

Almería, Spain

The melons of the variety SV6203MP treated with BATALLÓN have shown many positive feedbacks.


Higher production

+18,4% (9.356kg/ha)

Greater amount of tradable fruits

+5,9% (1500 frutos/ha)

Higher gross profits of the crop

+18,6% (+2.333€)


Crop: Santa Clause melon variety SV6203MP (seeded a in seedbed 01/05/2016 – 37 days before transplant)

Planting density: 60,000 plants/ha

Location: Paraje Los Parrales, Roquetas de Mar, ALMERIA, Spain

Surface: 9,000 m2

Transplant date: 02/11/2016

Blooming date: 20/03/2016

Trial Design:

  • Control
  • BATALLÓN, 3 applications with a dose of 20 L/ha per application.
  • Application dates: 1st – one week after transplant (02/18/2016); 2nd – a week before placing the hives (03/14/2016); 3rd – after fruit setting (04/05/2016).
  • Surface variants: 2 sectors of 4,200 ha each.

Analyzed Parameters:

  • The melon’s productivity is distributed by 1st , 2nd categories, and discards, kg/ha
  • Melon yield, kg/ha (farmer data)
  • Value of marketable melons (1st cat: 0.40 €/kg; 2nd cat: 0.05 €/kg), €/ha (farmer data)
  • Number of marketable fruits (1st and 2nd categories), fruits/ha
  • Average caliber of marketable fruits, g
  • Distribution of marketable fruit calibers, thousands of fruits/ha
  • Proportion per weight of each category in the total production, %
  • Proportion per number of fruits in each category in the total production, %
  • Pulp strength (kg/cm2)
  • Soluble solids in the pulp, (ºBrix)
  • Proportion of total weight of 1st category marketable fruits (farmer data), %
  • Fruit’s visual appearance

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