Batallón in watermelon variety Mini F1

Over 250 trials on 120 different crops from over 90 countries.


Watermelon mini F1

Almería, Spain

Increased vigor-plant: Strong and balanced growth. Increased yield: Greater number of watermelons. Increased fruit quality: Increased º Brix and fewer non-marketable fruits. Higher crop precocity: Higher economic yield.


Higher production

+19,7 (9.180 kg/ha)

Greater quantity of fruits with marketable calibers

+11,5% (3.240 unit/ha)

Higher gross profits of the crop

+22% (5.996€/ha)


Crop: Watermelon Mini F1

Planting framework: 5,000 plants/ha.

Conditions: greenhouse with traditional sanding on top.

Location: Campohermoso, Almería, Spain.

Total trial plot: surface 5,000 m2 approximately.

  • CONTROL surface area: 2,500 m2
  • BATALLON surface area: 2,500 m2

Trial Design:

  • DOSE: 20 L/ha (1st application) and 10 L/ha (2nd application)
  • Number of Applications: 2


Time of application:

  • 1st Application: 20 days before harvest
  • 2nd Application: 10 days before harvest


Other interesting data:

  • Transplant date: 01/14/2015
  • Flowering date: 03/15/2015
  • Harvesting date: 05/01/2015

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