Batallón in garlic crop Spring Blanco

Over 250 trials on 52 different crops from over 90 countries.


White Spring Garlic

Aguas Nuevas, Spain

The trial had two variants: CONTROL and treatment with BATALLÓN to 20 L/ha

The variants were grouped in blocks in two repetitions. Average density of the plants calculated on the day of harvest. The garlic collected was dried for 40 days in a covered and aerated space and then the average weight and size of the garlic determined.


Higher average weight and average caliber of garlic bulbs.

Higher proportion of large caliber due to Batallón.

Greater productivity and economic profitability of garlic cultivation.


Crop: garlic Spring Blanco.

Planting density: 240,000 cloves/ha (in harvest 220,000 good plants/ha).

Location: Aguas Nuevas, Albacete, Castilla la Mancha, Spain.

Trial surface area: 80m2

Sowing date: Early October 2017.

Soil type: Loam.

Irrigation: sprinklers.

Date of BATALLÓN application: April 13th, 2018.

Date of harvesting: June 1st, 2018.

Date of evaluation of the average weight of garlic: July 10th, 2018.

Analyzed Parameters:

  • Average weight of garlic bulb, (g)
  • Medium caliber, (mm)
  • Proportion by quantity of different calibers: First, Flor, Súperflor, Extraflor, Jumbo, Elefante, (%)
  • Total yield, (kg/ha)
  • Product value (price 0.60 €/kg), (€/ha)
  • Crop expenses, (€/ha)
  • Net benefits (€/ha)
  • Crop profitability, (%)

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