Bombardier in apple tree

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Apple tree

Simon Steltenpool, Brazil

Plants treated with Bombardier had significantly more fruits per plant (10.7%). Control plants (without Bombardier treatment) had bigger fruits compared to treated plants.


Higher productivity

+12,2% (2,5 t/ha)

Highest quality

+4% (0,4 ºBrix)

Greater economic benefits and crop sustainability

+12,2% (735€/ha)


Trial conducted by: HOLANTEC

Crop: Apple tree.

Planting density: 400 trees/ha

Harvest date: November 2015

Location: Simon Steltenpool, Paranapanema/SP, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Trial Design:

  • CONTROL, grower standard.
  • Bombardier: 10 L/ha, 5 applications of the product throughout the crop cycle; 2 applications in blooming (August-September 2015); 1 in fruit development (October 2015) and the other 2 in the fruit filling (October-November 2015). The applications were done via drench.
    • Random blocks, 3 repetitions/treatment
    • To calculate the yield, four sequential plants per experimental unit were evaluated to count the number of fruits per plant. 10 random fruits were harvested to evaluate the quality: size, weight, hardness and ºBrix.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Number of fruits per plant, units
  • Average fruit weight, g
  • Average fruit diameter, mm
  • Soluble solid content, (ºBrix)
  • Fruits hardness, kg/cm2
  • Total Yield, t/ha
  • Product value (price 0.90 €/kg), € / ha

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