Bombardier in cherry variety Lapins pattern Franco

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Cherry variety Lapins rootstock Franco

Cáceres, Spain

The application of BOMBARDIER has led to the increase in yield of cherry variety Lapins. This increase is due, in greater proportion, to the increase in number of cherries per tree and in lesser proportion, to a slight increase in the fruits average weight. The caliber of the cherries was maintained despite a strong increase in yield.


Higher production

+13,7% (942 kg/ha)

Highest profit

+13,7% (1.131€/ha)

Greater profitability of the crop

+31,2% (831€/ha)


Crop: Cherry variety Lapins rootstock Franco Prunus avium

Planting density: 5×5 m (400 trees/ha).

Location: Cabezuela del Valle, Valle del Jerte, province of Cáceres, Spain. Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de Peñas Albas

Surface of the trial plot: 500 m2 (with 5 + 5 trees measured for each variant).

Planting age: 11 years (2007).

Blooming:  April 2018

Type of soil: acid, loam, typical of the area.

Drip irrigation

Harvesting date: 07/04/2017

Harvesting costs per 1,000 kg of cherries: 130 €

Trial Design:

  • Management and fertilization typical of the area
  • Bombardier, crop management same as the CONTROL plus 6 applications of BOMBARDIER via Foliar: 3 cc/L of water, 2.5L of broth per tree. Application dates: 03-28-18, 04-10-18, 04-24-18; 05-04-18; 05-22-18, 06-05-18.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Quantity of cherries per tree, fruits/tree
  • Average cherry weight, g
  • Average caliber of cherries, mm
  • Total cherry yield, kg/ha
  • Cherry value (gross benefits) (price 1.20 €/kg), €/ha
  • Production and harvesting costs of cherries, €/ha
  • Net benefits (gross benefits minus expenses), €/ha
  • Profitability (ratio between net benefits and expenses), %

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