Bombardier is Santa Claus melon variety Valverde

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Santa Claus melon variety Valverde

Níjar, Spain

In the cultivation of Santa Claus melons (green Spanish) of the Valverde variety, the BOMBARDIER application has resulted in greater total fruit productivity. The average weight of a fruit has increased by 151 g or by 7.6 %.


Higher production

+12,4% (6.478kg/ha)

Greater average weight

+7,6% (156 g)

Higher gross profits of the crop

+19,9% (+5.093€)


Crop: Santa Claus melon variety Valverde

Location: Níjar, province of Almeria (Spain)

Conditions: greenhouse crop with traditional sanding and integrated production management.

Planting framework: 2×1 m (5,000 plants/ha).

Surface of the greenhouse: 4000 m 2.

Sowing Date: 01/25/2018

Harvesting date: 05/18/2018

Trial Design:

  • CONTROL: traditional greenhouse management of melon cultivation.
  • BOMBARDIER: same as CONTROL plus 3 BOMBARDIER applications via irrigation, dose 12.5 L/ha). Application dates: 02/26/2018, 03/12/2018, 03/28/2018.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Productivity of melons, kg / ha
  • Average melon weight, g
  • Productivity of caliber 3 (3-3.5 kg), kg/ha
  • Productivity of caliber 4 (2.5-3kg), kg/ha
  • Productivity of caliber 5 (2-2.5kg), kg/ha
  • Productivity of caliber 6 (1.5-2kg), kg/ha
  • Productivity of caliber 7 (1.1-1.5kg), kg/ha
  • Value of caliber 3 melons (3-3.5kg) at 0.70 €/kg, (€/ha)
  • Value of caliber 4 melons (2.5-3kg) at 0.60 €/kg, (€/ha)
  • Value of caliber 5 melons (2-2.5kg) at 0.50 €/kg, (€/ha)
  • Value of caliber 6 melons (1.5-2kg) at 0.40 €/kg, (€/ha)
  • Value of caliber 7 melons (1.1-1.5kg) at 0.30 €/kg, (€/ha)
  • Total harvest value, €/ha
  • Production costs in cultivation of melons €/ha
  • Net benefits, €/ha
  • Profitability of the crop, %

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