Bombardier in Dry Land and Irrigated Land Sunflower

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Dry Land and Irrigated Land Sunflower

Burgos, Spain

BOMBARDIER application increased yield in different sunflower varieties, in both dry land and irrigated land, in the 6 trials performed. In several trials the oil yield also increased. Therefore, the production of oil has been greater in the variants treated with BOMBARDIER, allowing to obtain the most stable harvests with lower productivity oscillations.


Higher productivity of seeds

Average: +44,8% (587,7 kg/ha)

Higher oil productivity, kg/ha

Average: +45,8% (284 kg/ha)

Greater profitability and sustainability of the sunflower crop

Average: +33,8% (192,7€/ha)


Carried out by: SOVENA

Crop: Sunflowe varieties Cadix y Gibraltar on Dry Land, Labud y Gibraltar Irrigation Land

Planting density: 60,000 plants/ha in dryland and 95,000 plants/ha in irrigated land.

Location: 6 field in the provinces of Cuenca (Castilla la Mancha), Burgos, Valladolid (Castilla y León).

Sowing date: April 2017

Irrigation: Dry in first 3 plots with pivot irrigation and drip in other 3 plots (deficit)

Harvesting date: October 2017

Trial Design:

  • Control: Standard crop management.
  • Bombardier: Traditional management plus Bombardier, with two foliar applications. Dry Land: 2L/ha and Irrigation: 3L/ha


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Productivity of sunflower seeds, kg / ha
  • Fatty yield, %
  • Sunflower oil yield, kg/ha
  • Harvest value (price at 328€/t), €/ha

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