Bombardier in viniculture grapevine variety Tempranillo

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Viniculture grapevine variety Tempranillo

Ribera de Duero, Spain

The plants treated with BOMBARDIER have shown greater vigor throughout the crop cycle and therefore there was 27.3 % a smaller number of non-productive vines.


Higher production

+21,2% (1.893 kg/ha)

Lower number of productive plants

-27,4% (-2,30%)

Greater profitability of the crop

+21,2% (1.987€/ha)


Crop: Viniculture grapevine variety Tempranillo

Location: Quintanilla de Onésimo, Ribera de Duero, Valladolid, Spain.

Trial surface: 0.7 ha

Sowing Date: 1994.

Planting density: 2,564 vines/ha (3 x 1.3 m).

Soil: loamy clay, limestone (11.93 % active limestone, 23.74 % carbonate), with low organic matter (1.19 %) and alkaline pH (8.1). Drip irrigation

Sprouting date: April 2016

Blooming date: June 2016

Harvesting date: 10/11/2016

Trial Design:

  • Control
  • BOMBARDIER, 4 applications with a dose of 10 L/ha per application. Dates of application: April 18th, May 12th, July 6th, August 8th, 2016.
    • Surface of variants: 2 sectors of 3,510 m2 ha each.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Productivity, kg/ha
  • Proportion of non-productive plants (chlorotic and without quality grapes),%
  • Harvested grapes weight per one vine, kg
  • Number of bunches per plant, units
  • Bunch average weight, g
  • Soluble solids, ° Brix
  • Value of harvested grapes (price 1.05 €/kg), €/ha

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