Bombardier in Wheat variety Artur Nick

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Wheat variety Artur Nick

Córdoba, Spain

In the growing chamber, BOMBARDIER treatment of wheat seeds (1 ml/kg) has caused a vegetative development well above CONTROL.


Greater plant vigor with BOMBARDIER

Greater yield

Crop: Wheat variety Artur Nick

Location: IFAPA of Córdoba, (Spain).

Conditions: acclimated growing chamber (pots of 0,5L in trays).

Substrate: mixture of sphagnum peat with sand (4:1 v/v). To the peat a controlled-release fertilizer Osmocote Plus (richness NPK 15-9-12, Mg-1,3, S-6, B-0,02, Cu-0,05, Fe-0,05, Mn- 0.06, Mo-0.02, Zn-0.05 %) has been added in the proportion of 1 g per 1 L of peat.

Sowing Date: 05/22/2017

Degree of emergency: 97.5 %

Dates of measurements: 09/30/2017 (131 DDS).

Trial Design:

  • CONTROL: pre-seed treatment: Insecticide: 1 ml/kg; Fungicide: 1 ml/kg.
  • BOMBARDIER: seed treatment 1 ml/kg (together with CONTROL herbicide and fungicide). 10 repetitions.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Plant’s aerial part dry weight, g
  • Dry weight of roots, g
  • Amount of grains formed by a main spike
  • Quantity of grains formed by a secondary spike
  • Number of shoots per plant
  • Number of stems with spikes per plant
  • Number of spikes per stem
  • Height of the main stem, (cm)
  • Average height of a secondary stem with spike, (cm)

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