Bombardier in yellow melon variety Goldex

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Yellow melon variety Goldex

Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Area where the BOMBARDIER product has been applied, has surpassed the CONTROL area by 920 kg/ha of production. Having an increase in productivity of 4.71%.


Higher production

+4,7% (920 kg/ha)

Higher gross profits of the crop

+4,7% (+138€)


Crop: Yellow melon variety Goldex

Location: Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)

Surface: 4.48 ha for treatment

Evaluation: 63 days after transplanting.

Trial Design:

  • CONTROL: traditional crop management
  • BOMBARDIER at a dose of 20 L/ha distributed during the entire crop cycle with fertigation system.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Marketable productivity, Kg/ha. The number of 10 kg/h boxes developed at the Packing House was analyzed
  • Field productivity, Kg/ha
  • Number of fruits per plant, Fruits/plant
  • Discards percentage, (%)
  • Value of the marketable crop, €/ha

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