Bombardier Protein in spring wheat variety Liubava

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Bombardier Protein

Liubava spring wheat

Sokolovo, Russia

The tested product BOMBARDIER PROTEIN showed a positive influence on spring wheat variety Liubava’s growth and development, under agro-climatic conditions of 2015 vegetative season, producing a higher plant vigor.


Greater vigor of wheat plants

+5,6% (5,7cm)

Higher productivity

+28,3% (1,30 t/ha)

Greater economic benefits and crop sustainability

+28,3% (195€)


Crop: spring wheat, variety Liubava. Created in the State Federal Scientific Institution “Agricultural Research Institute in Moscow” Nemchinovka “through the individual selection method from the hybrid population F4 (Liuba x Pamyat Fedina) This variety can be adapted to Central, Volga-Vyatka and Srednevolzhskiy regions in Russia. This variety is productive and stable over the years, is fast-growing in the beginning of its development. It is resistant to grain germination in the spike and lodging. Leaf rust and oidium leaf spot affect it less than the standard variety, and the oidium attacks equally. The spike has a high grain amount. The maximum yield in industrial tests of varieties reached 6.7 t/ha.

Location: field trials of the Cereals Crop Protection System Development Laboratory, Sokolovo, Moskovskaia oblast, Russia. The field corresponds to the Central Region of Russia with soils type no chernozem (podzoles). Agency that conducted the trial: Federal State Scientific Institution “Agricultural Research Institute of Moscow” Nemchinovka “.

Trial beginning and end date: 04/24/2015-10/01/2015.

Trial Design:

  • V1: NPK basic fertilization Control (pesticide mix at 300 L/ha), application date: 06/01/2015
  • V2: NPK basic fertilization BOMBARDIER PROTEIN 2L/ha, foliar + Control, application date: 06/01/2015
  • V3: NPK basic fertilization BOMBARDIER PROTEIN 4L/ha, foliar + Control
  • Design and experimental units: Blocks with 4 repetitions.
  • Trial plots size: Measuring plots size (counting) – 50 m2.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Plants height, cm
  • Number of stem, units/m2
  • Number of productive stems, units / m2
  • Main spike’s number of spikelets, units
  • Amount of grains on the main spike, units
  • Weight of grains on the main spike, g
  • Weight of 1,000 grains, g
  • Protein (N 5.7), (dry matter%)
  • Gluten, (dry matter%)
  • Starch, (dry matter%)
  • Yield, t/ha
  • Value of produced grains, €/ha

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