Fructón in Apple tree

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Apple tree

Paranapanema, Brazil

The results showed an increase in the number of fruits (2.73%), fruit weight (4.5 %) and yield (7.4 %), when comparing the treated plants with the Control. The increase in productivity was very positive.


Greater firmness

+3,8% (0,2 kg/cm2)

Higher productivity

+7,4% (1,4 t/ha)

Greater economic benefits

+7,4% (229€/ha)


Crop: Apple

Planting density: 2,000 trees/ha (4 x 1.25 m)

Harvest date: November 2015

Location: Simon Steltenpool, Paranapanema/SP, Brasilia, Brazil

Company that performed the trial: HOLANTEC

Trial Design:

  • CONTROL, grower’s standard.
  • FRUCTÓN: 600 g/ha (1000 L of broth per 1 ha) via foliar, applied only once when the fruits reached 4 to 8 mm of diameter in August 2015.
    • The trial was organized in random blocks, 3 repetitions/treatment. To calculate the yield, four sequential plants per experimental unit were evaluated to count the number of fruits per plant. Ten random fruits were harvested to evaluate the fruit quality: size, weight, hardness.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Average fruit weight, g
  • Average fruit diameter, mm
  • Fruits hardness, kg/cm2
  • Total Yield, t/ha
  • Product value (price 0.16 €/kg), €/ha

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