Fructón in potato variety Agata

Over 250 trials on 120 different crops from over 90 countries.

Fructón FL

Potato variety Agata

Lapa, Brazil

The application of FRUCTÓN has increased the yield of potatoes of the variety Agata by 4,000 kg/ha or 11.8 %.


Higher production

+11,8% (4.000 kg/ha)

Greater benefits

+75,9% (698€/ha)

Greater economic yield and sustainability of potatoes

+75,13% (13,3%)


Crop: Potato variety Agata

Planting density: 36,000 bulbs/ha.

Location: Lapa, Parana, Brazil

Sowing Date: August 2017

Harvesting date: december 2017

Trial Design:

  • CONTROL: traditional crop management.
  • Fruntón, crop management same as the CONTROL plus FRUCTON foliar applications with tractor bar. FRUCTÓN: 500 g/ha (50 g/100L of water). 55 DAS the application of FRUCTON is made to harness the growth of tubercles.


Analyzed Parameters:

  • Total yield, kg/ha
  • Harvest value (with price of 0.18 €/kg), €/ha
  • Expenses of production *, €/ha
  • Net benefits, €/ha
  • Profitability of the crop, (% prof.)

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