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Botanical components

Consist of an extract, fraction and/or molecule obtained from:

  1. Land plants (wild, cultivated and / or domesticated).
  2. Secondary metabolites.
  3. Valorization of agro-industrial co-products.
Botanical components

Microbiological components

Consist of an extract, fraction and/or molecule obtained from:

  1. Cultivation of endophyte fungi or similar.
  2. Bacteria culture.
  3. Others.

The botanical and microbiological components of the formulation have the function of acting directly on:

  • The plague or disease by acting on the cell wall, membranes, exoskeleton, nervous system, nuclear material, etc.
  • Physical action against a pathogen.

Components of microalgae

Components of microalgae

Defense Inducers

Defense inducers can be of botanical and / or microbiological origin. Its specific function in the formulation is to generate a priming effect that consists in the induction of a basal defense mechanism that prepares the plant against situations of biotic and abiotic stress.


In our formulations we use a unique range of dispersing agents, humectants, defoamers, emulsifiers and thixotropic stabilizers of botanical origin.


Formulation technology

Each formulate is obtained from the application of a specific formulation technology depending on its botanical / microbiological / microalgal composition and the desired mode of action. It includes controlled release systems (nano and microencapsulation), adhesion (biofilms), highly stable microemulsions (colloid mill), and thixotropic dispersion mechanisms.

With our method we get: