Design and production of targeted consortiums of beneficial microorganisms for intensive agriculture.

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Agrocode participates in a project, known as MIC-MIX, whose main objective is the design and production of a directed consortium of beneficial microorganisms for intensive agriculture. 

This is a project that began in 2017 and will end in 2023, in which Kimitec Group, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Cajamar Foundation participate jointly, under the call of CDTI.  

The CDTI, Center for the development of  Industrial Technology, is a public business entity that promotes the innovation and technological development of Spanish companies through financing and providing  support to the R & D & I projects proposed by these companies at a state, national and international level. Therefore, its objective is to contribute to the improvement of Spain’s technological development through different activities. 

As mentioned above, the objective of the project is to design one or several directed microbiological consortiums  that once inoculated in the soils will stimulate vegetative development and production, through the colonization of the soils and roots, which under normal agricultural conditions occurs naturally, but in a scenario of intensive agriculture it is essential to deliberately  incorporate them.  Which will be a possibility thanks to the development of these new products. 

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