AGROCODE participates in the project NATURRDEV, improving the sustainability of the agrifood industry

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At Agrocode, we have participated in a project that seeks to improve the sustainability of the agri-food industry through the incorporation of processes and technologies that allow the minimization of waste and the establishment of a bio-economy based on the use of by-products to obtain products with higher added value.  

This will give companies access to low-cost raw materials destined to the obtention of products of interest, becoming more competitive in the agri-food industry and highly impacting the national economy. 

This is a project funded by the Center for  Development  of Industrial Technological(CDTI) within the proposal of the National Business Research Consortium Strategic Program (CIEN), which finances large industrial research projects and experimental development, elaborated in effective collaboration by business groups and oriented to the realization of a planned future research in strategic areas and with potential international projection. 

The company FRUSELVA leads the project together with 11 other companies and technological centers towards the development of a competitive strategy to improve the sustainability of the agri-food chain and the efficient use of natural resources. 

If you want to know more about this project visit the website or click on the following link.